Cheat for Emulator Psx

Playstation emulator cheater. This is also has the [PEC] editor to Edit the [PEC] cheats, you can add your custom Gameshark codes to your PLAYSTATION1 EMULATOR CHEATER!

Please read the readme.txt for further instructions. install locate ePSXe (or PS1emulator plugins) and run the PEC as well as emulator.

The reason i uploaded this is because sevral sites are gone for this file! i had spent ages trying to find these 2 pieces of software! And it pisse’s me off when people dont have things done right!

Works with ePSXe (in my uploads) and with Gran turismo2! (probably all the games you could think of supported!)

Supports all PAL/NTSC regions and version’s of games. The [PEC] program is pre-loaded with cheats for you to use. the Editor is for advanced users who want to add their own or “custom” Gameshark cheats! If you want to just “cheat” then you can delete the Editor.



Download here.


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